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Happiness is who we are. Yoga simply helps us to find it.
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Retreat with Krishna Das, Sharon Salzberg & Lily Cushman

Nov 6 - 9  //  Menla Mountain  //  Phoenicia, NY

Cultivate the "Power of the Loving Heart" with Krishna Das, Sharon Salzberg, Lily Cushman and friends in the fourth annual Menla Mountain Retreat in Phoenicia, NY. Combining the complementary practices of devotional chanting, Lovingkindness meditation, and Classical Yoga, we come together to discover and celebrate the power of the heart in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. Through teachings, stories, chants, yoga and guided meditations, find your own inner knowledge and to open to deeper levels of courage and wisdom. For complete details. click here.

Repair Fund

support BYS

We are gratefully accepting contributions towards our repair fund. As a donation based operation, BYS typically makes just enough to cover our operational costs, so the repairs and closure this month come with a large financial strain. If you feel inspired to help us out, we are welcoming any extra donations either in person when you come for class, or online through our website. We deeply appreciate any and all support!  To donate online to the repair fund, click here.

Kirtan! Live from Brooklyn Yoga School

Kirtan! CD Now Available

Recorded live at BYS

Recorded live in 2012 at the Brooklyn Yoga School, "Kirtan!" is a new chant album featuring kirtan artists Ambika Cooper, Devadas, Jeremy Frindel, Lily Cushman, Nina Rao, and Shyama Chapin. This CD captures the beauty and power of a chant community that has been gathering each week in Brooklyn for many years. Each kirtan wallah brings a distinct sound and style to the mantras, while pulling from the traditional call-and-response melodies of India. For complete details and to purchase the CD, click HERE.

Yama Blog Series

Yama Blog Series

Exploring the first limb of classical Yoga

The Yama Series is an ongoing series of articles on the BYS blog written by BYS Founder, Lily Cushman. The Yama Series explores the first step of Classical Yoga and it's relevance to practice and life. Each month, Lily will be posting in-depth articles on the five different Yamas, looking at both how they present in ancient texts, and how to work with them as practical tools for today. This first stage of yoga is often overlooked or misunderstood, however it can be a extremely helpful to understand the nature of our own suffering - not only the role we play in this suffering, but also a pathway to find freedom from it. Check out the series HERE.


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