Teacher's Survey: Pam Leung

Pam Leung Brooklyn Yoga School

How long have you been practicing yoga? Eight Years

Current happy pose? Natarajasana

Current nemesis pose? Yoganidrasana. It’s takes some effort to get into but it feels good once I’m in it.

What is your favorite food? I definitely have an avocado obsession. Love them in salads, in smoothies or on just their own.

Why do you teach yoga? I want to serve others and share with them the teachings of love and compassion. All beings want to be happy and yoga is a way of peeling off the layers that are blocking the bliss that was already there.

Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra? Elvis

One thing you do every day? Meditation. I try to watch my thoughts every day even if it’s for 10 minutes.

Brown Rice or Quinoa? Both. I like to mix light brown rice and quinoa together and add a few squirts of braggs amino liquids. Yum

What is your favorite bad habit?  Eating home made raw chocolate. I have some almost every day. It can be dangerous when you know how to make something.

Good book recommendation? Dhammapada

Pam Leung Brooklyn Yoga School

What is your best asana tip? Effort is more important than the result. When we try our best with all our effort in the pose with the best intention, that’s all that matters. It’s perfect and it doesn’t matter whether you can get your legs behind your head! Give it all away.

What is your favorite yama/niyama? Ahimsa (Compassion) is the foundation for yoga. It’s important to take the practice off the mat and see ourselves in others in everyday situations. By practicing ahimsa, everything else falls into place. Saucha (cleanliness inside and out) for me this is therapy.  I like to clean the apartment and get rid of anything I haven’t used in the last 6 months and at the same time getting rid of mental baggage, our mental afflictions. It’s a beautiful practice.

Anything else you would like to share with us? Be kind to all.