Teacher's Survey: Katurah Hutcheson

Meet Katurah Hutcheson

Katurah Hutcheson

How long have you been practicing yoga? My first class was in 1998. Putting yoga at the center of my life came much later, around 2005.

Current happy pose? Headstand
Current nemesis pose? Posing
What is your favorite food? Cappuccino
Why do you teach yoga? People bring so much into the yoga classroom. It's an environment I find very real, with depth and potential. The willingness of all present all to be changed by the practice is right there.
Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra? Nancy Sinatra

Katurah Hutcheson

One thing you do every day? Meditate
Good book recommendation? Ka by Robert Calasso and always, the Yoga Vashist
Brown Rice or Quinoa? Quinoa is weird
What is your favorite bad habit? Cortado
What is your best asana tip? Connect with the space between things - the inhale and exhale, the moments of stillness between poses, the place where lift and groundedness - the energetics ascending and descending - merge in the poses. Develop your sense of this so-called nothing, or neither/nor, so that you might recognize it and become more familiar with the direct experience of spaciousness the practice invites you into. It then becomes possible to create the conditions for that equanimity and peace in daily life.

What is your favorite yama/niyama? Right now I am enjoying Aparigraha. Having lived the last few months on retreat in India and Spain, in very spartan and/or overwhelmingly beautiful natural environments, the mind's constant propulsion towards gratification became so obvious. And, because the desires - mostly for comfort of some kind - were usually impossible to fulfill under the circumstances, I eventually found some humor and ease around them. And there was room to get very simple.

Anything Else? I am so looking forward to being back at BYS and hope to find the way to share the fruits of my time away with all of you in class.