Teacher's Survey: Jacquie Brown

Meet Jacquie Brown

Jacquie Brown

How long have you been practicing yoga? a little over 10 years

Current happy pose? cobra
Current nemesis pose? handstand
What is your favorite food?
potato chips fried in avocado oil (it's good for you because it's fried in avocado oil, right :)
Why do you teach yoga? i love the folks that come to class and it helps me get out of my own sh*t
Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra? Elvis

Jacquie Brown

One thing you do every day? neti pot
Brown Rice or Quinoa? brown rice quinoa pilaf
What is your favorite bad habit? potato chips fried in avocado oil
Good book recommendation? "Miracle of Love" compiled by Ram Dass
What is your best asana tip? drop the ego

What is your favorite yama/niyama? ahimsa

Anything Else? just super grateful for the jewel box and all the gems who come into it