Raw Spouted Almond Milk Recipe

raw sprouted almond milk

Sprouted Raw Almond Milk

Impress your friends and family with super simply recipe that is delicious and extremely healthy. I have been lactose intolerant for most of my adult like and over the years I've tried just about every dairy alternatives there is. This one, by far, takes the cake in deliciousness and health! The recipe uses sprouted almonds, substantially increasing the protein and enzyme levels in the nuts as well as increasing the digestibility! The actual prep time only takes about 15 minutes, and I usually soak the almonds the night before I know I want to make it. Be warned: once you taste this almond milk, it will forever change you!


2 cups raw almonds
1 vanilla bean (or 1 tps vanilla extract)
6-8 medjool dates (to taste)
6-7 cups water
nut milk bag


Soak almonds in water 6-8 hours on your counter-top. almonds will become engorged a little , so make sure you give them enough water and room that they are fully immersed in water. Drain water and rinse almonds. Put almonds and 3 cups of water in blender. I use a vitamix, but any good blender will work. Blend ingredients on highest speed available for two minutes. Dance around a bunch while waiting. Then strain mixture through nut milk bag slowly. You will need to gentle squeeze the liquid through the cloth. Once entire mixture is strained, rinse out the blender. Discard the leftover almond meal (or get creative and make something  with it!). Pour almond liquid back in the blender. Add the whole vanilla bean (or extract if you are substituting) and 6 - 8 dates (make sure you remove the pits first) depending on how sweet you want your milk. Then blend ingredients of highest speed for one minute -- stopping occasionally to add the remaining cup of water until you reach the desired thickness and consistency. I prefer mine on the thicker side, so experiment until you find your perfect blend. Refrigerate what you don't drink immediately.


6 - 8 cups (depending on how much water you add to reach your desired consistency)

Prep time

15 minutes (not counting soaking time on almonds)


Lasts up to a week in the fridge, but I always drink mine so fast, that it disappears in a few days!